Melbourne Cricket Ground - Marshall Holding, Operations and Contracts Manager

"When ENGIE were awarded the contract to undertake our fire detection and suppression maintenance I was totally impressed with their level of professionalism and attention to detail. They deliver a service of the highest quality, which the MCG now use as our benchmark for other service providers"

7-11 - Jia, Franchisee Owner

“Michael did a fantastic job regarding maintenance of air-conditioners, cleaning of fridges, and logging jobs for further equipment fixing. I am very satisfied with his job and appreciate the professional attitude of Michael”

Kmart – Naresh Teckchandani

“What a great effort team. Well done Costa, Allan, Paul, Brian, Dan and Dan’s team and all in supporting the upgrade of our aging store telephony and network equipment in our stores.

Fully agree with Gary, Stores love the increased network speed and bandwidth, new phones and infrastructure for PDTs and other equipment!

 Fantastic work“

AEMO – Mohideen A. Gafoor, Data Centre Facilities Manager

“I would like to acknowledge the ongoing support and the valuable service provided by DESA, in particularly the technical and project management skills of Gary Anderson.

As you are aware AEMO is responsible for managing the National Energy including the Electricity and Gas. This means the National Power Grid and the National Energy Market is operating from our Data Centres. Reliable power supply to the Data Centre is essential for our operation. Regular maintenance and upgrade work by reputed service provider like DESA led by a competent Manager is vital for our critical infrastructure.

Recently Gary Anderson has led a project team and successfully completed the Main Switchboard upgrade project at our Data Centre at Mansfield QLD. Upgrade work have been completed methodologically without any incident or accident. His ability on planning, communication and organisational skill is the success for the project.

His personal skills and the flexible attitude are added value for his technical skills.   

AEMO’s expectation on WHSE is very high. We believe DESA is capable of delivering to our expectation.

I want to offer my personal thanks to yourself for making this happen and please pass my thanks to Gary Anderson for his effort for successfully completing this project while adhering AEMO’s policy and procedure.

Thank you”

National Australia Bank – Glenn Allan

“Thanks Guys

While I am pleased that "my baby " get this recognition, it is obvious that it would have never happened without you two at the helm .

REALLY appreciate the effort you put in and the care you took to get this right. I see this as gift of craftsmanship you bestowed on me. Well done you deserve the recognition from the top of your industry”

Coles - Byron Hehir, Project Manager - Store Development

"Just wanted to thank you and the team for delivering a very successful project at Caversham. Your team completed the project on time and to the standard expected. A special thanks to Dan, George, and Pete who had a 'can do' attitude the whole way through – we were delighted with the result today"