ENGIE Services - DESA - Awards - Kmart IT Supplier of the Year 2015

DESA Australia has again been recognised for its excellence in service delivery and has been named as Kmart Australia's IT Supplier of The Year in the "Brilliant at the Basics" category.

The award recognises the excellent work done by the DESA national team, in new Kmart store fit outs and reworked stores throughout Australia and New Zealand over the past 12 months.

DESA's exceptional team of technicians and apprentices deserve acknowledgment, not only for their great work ethic, dedication and patience, but also for the long nights and time spent away from home, delivering the works nationally.

"I must pay tribute to the DESA team as whole. We can only deliver great work Australia-wide with the sustained effort and commitment of all our interstate offices" says Allen Borg, DESA Project Group Manager in accepting the award. "Without the efforts of the project and administrative staff in our offices nationally, we would not have won this award. Everyone's efforts are greatly appreciated".