ENGIE Services - DESA - Cable Assembly

ENGIE Services - DESA can supply a wide range of "off the shelf" and "custom" cable or mechanical assemblies.

All cables are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects and all cables are 100% tested.

  • Enclosure assembly
  • Cisco Compatible Cables and Panels
  • Fibre Optic Cables
  • Media Conversion
  • Modular (RJ45) Cables
  • Military / Aerospace Cables
  • 35, X.21, RS422, RS485...
  • Gaming Cables
  • Point Of Sale cables
  • Electro-mechanical Assemblies
  • Power Supplies and Cables
  • Environmental Cable Repair and Test
  • Audiovisual Cables and Hardware
  • RF Cables and Accessories
  • Product Sourcing