ENGIE Services - DESA - Legoland

Project Name: Legoland Discovery Centre, Chadstone VIC

Project Location/Address: Chadstone Shopping Centre, Level 2, 1341 Dandenong Road, Chadstone VIC 3148

Approx. Contract Value: $880,000.00

Period of Project Execution: August 2016 to February 2017

ENGIE partnered with Hutchinson Builders and many key suppliers, to deliver a cleverly engineered and modern solution to meet timeframes and budget expectations of the client. 

Through clever design ENGIE combined three separate switchboards into one slightly larger board. This reduced costs, manufacturing time, submains requirements and the space required to house the additional boards. The lighting systems at Legoland produced many challenges. Each of the show light fittings had a precise location. Since the tenancy had an open ceiling design, unique supports were required to be designed for each fitting. Over 450 metres of unistrut was designed and installed to support over 500 metres of lighting track. The result is a perfectly symmetrical, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing lighting display throughout.

This type of project required constant consultation between ENGIE, overseas engineers, consultants and inspectors. All equipment imported from overseas needed to be reviewed and even re wired to meet Australian standards. Ride control panels needed to be modified to meet Australian “Theme Park” standards AS4024.1604-2014 including new safety gate interlocks and emergency shutdowns. All which ENGIE had to design on site while keeping up with tight program and testing schedules. The result being a fully compliant and safe installation.

A full-time project coordinator was used to coordinate delivery’s. The closest allocated delivery dock was 600 metres from site. All deliveries needed to be booked 48 hours in advance with loading dock management including information of each driver’s names, time and registration numbers. This was no medial task. One of the many planning challenges that had to be overcome was the site parking restrictions during the busy Christmas period. This meant that our staff were required to meet in a nearby location and board a shuttle bus to and from site each day

We are very proud to have delivered the project with zero lost time injuries or near misses.

This project was the winner of the NECA Victorian Award for Commercial Project (Small).

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