ENGIE Services - DESA - Tanderrum Bridge

Project Name: Tanderrum Bridge

Project Location/Address: Batman Avenue, Melbourne VIC 3000

Approx. Contract Value: $1,400,000.00

Period of Project Execution: March 2016 – December 2016

Tanderrum Bridge was part of Stage 2 of the Melbourne Park Redevelopment, which was designed to improve connections from the city to the precinct.  The bridge was designed to provide an unbroken pedestrian link from Flinders Street Station to Melbourne Park and simplify access for crowds to enter and exit the precinct.

ENGIE were engaged by Fitzgerald Construction Australia to complete the electrical and communications works for the project.  The architectural and distinctive design of the project, called for customised solutions for many aspects of the project. These included hidden cabling along all the custom light poles, specially designed lighting control cabling for in-ground up lights and heavy involvement with the customised switchboards, pillars and pit along the length of the bridge.

Much consideration was taken into the choice of placement and product throughout the entire project.  Due to the project being one in a public area, the lighting design needed to ensure that public safety was paramount.  The entire bridge and area below are well lit and offer the public peace of mind at night, including design elements that limit glare for drivers on Batman Ave and picture quality for CCTV footage, whilst ensuring pedestrian comfort.

Strong relationships between all stakeholders ensured the project was completed on time and on budget with no recorded lost time injuries.

The project was a State Finalist in the NECA Victorian Awards - Commercial Small (Project).

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