ENGIE Services makes nine commitments to be a model of sustainable development...

Our objective is to meet customer and our own expectations in terms of sustainable operation and development. ENGIE Services has made three key sustainability commitments:

  • To integrate our customers’ priorities in our solutions, services, particularly through local job creation.  
  • To design and implement long-term energy efficiency, emissions reduction solutions and make use of local renewable energy sources where practical,
  • To embed within our process and supply chain the use of sustainable products and services, and responsible use of resources.

ENGIE Services makes 9 commitments to be a model of sustainable development:

Incorporate Sustainable Development in our practices and out culture

  • Be exemplary in energy conservation, especially in premises, operations and personnel movements
  • Commit to an approach of Eco-Responsibility
  • Develop a culture of environmental and managerial discipline

Provide our customers Sustainable Development solutions

  • Design and implement long-term energy efficiency and emissions reductions solutions
  • Develop the production, distribution and use of renewable, local energy sources
  • Factor into our solutions the social challenges faced by our customers, especially development of local employment.

Affirm our social responsibility

  • Be a model employer, and place the development of our personnel and their personal and professional growth at the heart of our action
  • Strengthen our local community relationships and support local initiatives consistent with our values
  • Maintain an active dialogue with all key stakeholders