Energy Services

We offer a specialised approach to energy services, which brings together our global capabilities of:

  • managing energy transformation (electricity, gas, etc. to other energies); and 
  • maintaining energy production infrastructure.

Our goal is to meet your exact energy service requirements, whilst reducing your costs and environmental impact.

ENGIE Services helps you optimise your energy, cost and environmental performance by utilising a range of non-proprietary technologies and in-house digital tools.

Our service engineers will deliver the following benefits for your operation:

  • Lifecycle solutions - from concept, through design, installation & long term operation and maintenance.
  • Guaranteed outcomes - supported by real incentives to maintain agreed measurable targets.
  • Improved resilience and reliability  - of your energy assets.
  • Environmental assistance - including reduced greenhouse gas emission.
  • Financial savings - through optimised energy, operation and maintenance regimes.
  • Safety - trusted and responsible Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality performance systems.

Our comprehensive solutions are designed to help you focus on improving your competitive edge, whilst we efficiently manage your non-core activities.